About Inmotion social

INmotion Social is a digital advertising, media, and marketing company based out of Lethbridge AB. Owned and operated by Connor Derry. Connor has lived in Lethbridge for most of his life with a few extended vacations to New Zealand for 2 years, Thailand for 4 months and an internship during his 3rd year of university in the Netherlands for 5 months. Through Connor’s extended stay travels he has visited more than 30 countries on 4 different continents. His favorite thing about travelling is understanding the culture of each individual place and what drivers influence the culture of that region.

Connor has always had a passion for all things marketing. Similar to his love of travel and learning what influences culture, Connor took that passion into marketing to learn what influences companies cultures. And how companies are communicating their culture to an audience. 

Graduating from the University of Lethbridge with a diploma in accounting in 2015 and the University of Lethbridge with a degree in marketing in 2019. Connor went on to work for a local advertising agency where he developed many relationships and was a part of some of the most successful social media campaigns in Lethbridge and Southern AB. Working with companies such as Bridge City Chrysler, The Hiebert Group, Mortgage Centre, Bud Supply Group, Green Acres Foundation, Farming Smarter, Lethbridge Hurricanes, Lethbridge Hyundai and more. Connor developed a brand of being an acute strategist that is not afraid to push an envelope, execute a campaign, and create content strategies that impact your audience multiple times over. 

In the uncertain times we are living in Connor would love the opportunity for a free consultation to look into the way your company is communicating both digitally and in traditional media. And help your business understand how to better communicate online to an audience that is spending more than 2 hours per day each on social platforms. Whether it is about how to reach your audience with a paid or organic strategy, ideas on how to drive more traffic to your website, producing some engaging graphics for your social media and beyond or just to strike up a conversation about business, marketing or everyday life Connor is always willing to listen. 

We’re here Lethbridge INmotion Social is ready to put your marketing goals iNmotion.